Unboxing This Side Up

It has been a little over a year since we moved to this new and cozy space. And it’s not even 100% finished yet. Even with our ready-to-vandalize chalkboard walls, there’s still room for more ideas and doodles. Just like any home, it’s never really done until like well, ever.



*renderings from Iv C Designs – iccidc on Facebook
As a creative house, we got interior designer Ivy Crisostomo, and she was adventurous enough to work under a budget and find ways to whip up an inventive and exciting workplace. We didn’t have an overall theme for the office. Each room has a different story. These days have been busy, but the coffee and conversations are still flowing. Drop by and we’ll show you around.

Reception area. The container van wall surface makes you feel like you have arrived at a port of entry.

Production Area. The main work area doesn’t feel so tight with the use of wire mesh. The pedestrian crosswalk adds a great color splash to the gray space.

Pantry. We love to eat and hang at the pantry where a long common table is also used for impromptu meetings.

Interlock Room. Out of nowhere, a steampunk theme. Clients get onboard the retro-futuristic train for postproduction. We’re random like that. See that pretend window with the landscape painting? That was actually a doorway to a bathroom that we converted to a junior editing suite.

Meeting Room. A crowd favorite is our very own park, complete with a 50-inch TV set, Nespresso machine, bike and functional swing.

Bathroom. This is the bathroom where we put up a vanity mirror for your viewing pleasure. It’s probably the glossiest thing we have in the office. Don’t mind the hash tag.