Out of the Box: Why Super Selfie is Brilliant

By Monster Jimenez

One day, a bored buff dude with crazy hair and mad dancing skills decided to create short videos and post it online. The first time I watched one, I thought, ‘Sure. That’s cute.’ I watched a couple more and I noticed the effort he put in the work. Costume changes, music choices and deceptively effortless choreography. Of course, Gab Valenciano is also not bad to look at, especially with his shirt off. And if you must know, he is likely to go topless by the end of the video.

My favorites are the one that involves collaborations. Sometimes he involves his friends, even those who can’t dance at all; he also brought in his entire clan during a Christmas party. He even has one with his celebrity dad, Gary Valenciano.

Super Selfie shot to fame when Beyonce’s team asked Gab to collaborate with them on the music video that the superstar wanted to direct herself.

The more I watch Gab’s Super Selfie videos, the more I begin to see why it’s riveting stuff.

  • His videos are never long enough for you to switch to the next thing. In fact, he’s been doing a lot of 15-seconders to make it short enough for Instagram.
  • He publishes videos on a regular basis.
  • People are always on the lookout for something authentic and earnest. Gab looks like he’s really having fun with it.
  • The guy can really dance.

Here’s a colorful collaboration with YouTube star Alex Wassabi.

One of his first videos has already reached over 2 million views, which he posted in September 2013.

He does a well-rehearsed video with The Manoeuvers, who are also Gary Valenciano’s dancers.

Gab with his famous dad, Gary.

And here’s the Beyonce video, where they credited Gab Valenciano as a creative consultant:


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